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Welcome to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean for a reason. This little island renowned for spices and tea has so much to offer. Its a paradise island of golden beaches and quiet ancient temples. And don’t miss the thrill of spotting leopards in the wild! Yet, what truly makes Sri Lanka shine is the warmth of its people — their smiles and genuine hospitality.


Best Places to Visit

Best Time to Visit

Sri Lanka is most enjoyable during the dry season, typically from December to March on the west coast and April to September on the east coast. This time offers pleasant weather, perfect for exploring cultural sites, national parks, and relaxing on the beaches.

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Unforgettable Train Ride

Taking the train from Kany to Ella is a definite must-do for everyone visiting Sri Lanka

Quick Facts

This is Sri Lanka in a nutshell. Yet, this fascinating country is more than just facts. Dive into our guides for a deeper understanding of what truly defines Sri Lanka.



It actually has two capital cities.



It’s 16:42 at the moment.


Sinhala, Tamil

Sinhala is spoken by 74%.

Power Plug:

Types D and G

Three round pins or rectangular pins.


Sri Lankan Rupee

1.000 LKR equals 3 USD.

Dialing code:


Best SIMs: Airtel, Dialog


Safari in Sri Lanka

The Yala National Park is home to the world’s highest densities of Leopards.

Know Before You Go

Curious about Sri Lanka before your trip? Let us answer the most common questions and have you packing with confidence.

Sri Lanka is a small island country in the Indian Ocean ideal to be explored during a 2-3 week vacation. Its tiny size means you can cover most of its highlights without having to travel long distances.

And still it offers so much diversity, from golden beaches over stunning safari experiences to amazing temples. Oh, and the food is absolutely delicious too! Isn’t it a reason enough to travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is generally safe for visitors, with a growing tourism industry. It is important to note though, that Sri Lanka is currently facing a severe economic crisis, which has led to shortages of fuel, food, and other essential goods. This could lead to civil unrest or violence in some areas. While serious incidents are rare, researching specific regions, staying informed, and following local advice ensures a pleasant and safe stay.

Sri Lanka offers fantastic value for your money, especially compared to other tourist destinations, making it a budget-friendly paradise for backpackers and travelers. Costs in popular tourist hotspots like Galle and Mirissa can be higher than other parts of the country.

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Most people require a visa to enter Sri Lanka. This visa can be either applied for online before arrival through the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) portal of the Immigration Department or upon arrival. Since there are limited capacities and long wait times for on-arrival visas, it is recommended to apply for a visa online in advance. The visa is valid for 30 days and costs between 20-50 USD.

To confirm your specific visa requirements and apply if needed, check the official Sri Lanka Department of Immigration & Emigration website.

Within 10 to 14 days you can experience most of Sri Lanka, including cultural destinations like Sigiriya and Kandy, the misty tea hills of Ella, safaris in Yala National Park, and relaxation on Mirissa’s pristine beaches.

However, for a more relaxed experience we recommend planning 3 weeks. If you only have little time, a fulfilling 7- to 10-day itinerary can focus on particular regions, like the cultural triangle or the coastline.



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