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Must-Have Travel Resources We Use for Our Trip Planning

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Skyscanner Platform we use for monitor and track flight prices.

We use Skyscanner to compare flights across different platforms.

Google Flights Platform we use for monitor and track flight prices.

Google Flights helps us to track and predict prices to find the right time to book. we use to book flights. is ideal for flight booking, as it lists more than 2M individual flights. 

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Pinterest Must Have Travel Resources Pin, the most popular platform when it comes to booking apartments or hotel, which we use quite often when traveling.

Ideal platform to find Hotels and Platforms, even in to most abadoned places in the world., a popular platform when it comes to booking apartments or hotel, which we use quite often when traveling.

Good alternative for Hotels, often offering more competitive rates than

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Perfect to find Hostels almost everywhere. Ideal for budget or solo traveler and backpackers.

AirBnB is the ideal platform to find the best apartments almost everywhere in the world.

The go-to platform we use for booking an Apartments wherever you are.

TIP: When it comes to accommodations there are plenty of options available. If you want to book accommodations short-term and stay flexible, an option we also often use is to look for hotels on Google Maps, check their reviews and call them directly. Sometimes they will offer you a discount, as they don't need to pay the portal fee.

For reliable and private transportation, such as airport transfers.

Uber we use for short-distance travels, as a valuable travel resource. E.g. to the city center or to the next restaurant.

Ideal for short-distance rides to the city center or your apartment. offers a wide range of rental cars, if you plan to stay longer in an area and want to be flexible.

For renting a car to be more flexible in where you go. we use to book flights.

For checking the prices of short-distance flights and flight booking.

TIP: If you are traveling very long distances, make sure to also checkout flight options. Not only is it more convenient in terms of travel time, but for some countries short-distance flights can be also very cheap in price. But please make sure to also offset your carbon emissions!
Travel Resources - Trip Planning - Taking the Train.
Travel Resources - Trip Planning - Taking a Flight
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  1. This is such a well thought out, valuable write-up! Amazing advice!! I love following your current trip around the world and the amazing advice and destination ideas you provide along the way!
    Keep up the great work guys,
    -Amanda 💗

    1. Hey Amanda! Thank you so much for your nice words – that really means a lot to us. And be sure that more stories, destinations, adventures and tips will follow as we use every free minute to write new content. Wish you happy travels & Greetings from Colombia!

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