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The colorful South America is a true melting pot of cultures and traditions. Feel the electrifying rhythm of samba, taste the sun-kissed exotic fruits on a market stall, and watch the whirling skirts of Andean cholitas. From the legendary Amazon to the ancient wonders of Machu Picchu, this continent surprised us in so many ways. And let’s not forget the cute alpacas and lamas!

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Adventure Awaits

Slide down the huge sand dunes with a sand board in Peru or bike the world’s most dangerous “Death Road” in Bolivia. South America is a continent that tests your limits.

Urban South America

São Paulo’s concrete jungle bursts with neon dreams, while Medellín’s graffiti murals tell stories of modern hope – South American cities are a vibrant chaos with a warm heart.

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South America beckons as an exceptional continent to explore, not solely for iconic New World Wonders like Machu Picchu or Christ the Redeemer. Traveling to South America is remarkably accessible, with many popular countries requiring no visa for a broad range of visitors. Moreover, the region has an excellent infrastructure, seamlessly connecting travelers with extensive bus and flight networks, along with a diverse array of accommodations and excellent dining options.

South America is a generally safe continent for tourists, if you take common-sense precautions such as being aware of your surroundings, keeping your valuables safe, and avoiding sketchy regions and neighborhoods.

The media often overemphasizes crime and danger in South America, giving travelers a false impression of the continent’s safety. While there have been instances of crime and violence in some parts of South America, these are often isolated incidents and do not reflect the overall safety situation.

The top five most popular countries to visit in South America are Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. These countries offer a diverse range of attractions, from the amazing Amazon rainforest and the breathtaking Andes Mountains to vibrant cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. And of course we cannot forget Machu Picchu, attracting thousands of visitors per day from all over the world.

South America stands out as one of the most budget-friendly continents for travel. For this reason it is also a beloved destination among backpackers.

Have a look into our guides. There we list the expected costs for accommodations, transport, food and activities for each destination.

There is no single best time to visit South America, as weather varies widely from country to country. Traveling during the dry season is generally a good idea, while traveling during the shoulder and off-season months can save you a lot of money.

Have a look on our country pages or posts to find out the best travel time for a specific destination.

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Curious about South America before your trip? Let us answer the most common questions and have you packing with confidence.

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South America is the second largest continent on Earth, being home to 12 incredible countries.
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