About us

This is Along Sandy Beaches

We’re Laura and Jens and we run the travel blog Along Sandy Beaches.
We create inspiring and authentic travel content, while traveling the world full-time.

Who We Are

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Meet Laura

Small-town girl from Estonia. Ironically, despises cold. She’s an introvert but you can win her over with all things mango. Lives by “go with the flow”. Grooves to hip-hop and house.

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Meet Jens

Way too German. Has the typical tourist trap face, but beware! Always equipped with a smile. Heavy-luggage carrier and out-grown child. Loves beer, what a surprise…

Our Story

Along Sandy Beaches began in 2023, when it was time to make a dream come true. A dream that we've put on hold for so long, but one that we were always reminded of on the last days of our vacations.

What if we just continue?

And while we thought there are a ton of reasons why we can't do that just now, it bothered us so much that we decided to just do it.

Yes, let's travel the world.

Surprisingly, there wasn't too much that would hold us back. We took a break from our jobs, said goodbye to family and friends and booked our flight into the unknown.

Would we like our new life? Would we get homesick?

Well we are just figuring out..

So this is how our travel blog was born. With Along Sandy Beaches we want to show you just how incredible the world can be.

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Our Favorite Places

We have seen some of the most pristine beaches, jaw-dropping deserts, breathtaking mountains and charming cities. Here are a few places still close to our hearts.

Our Travel Philosophy

We think travel is more than just marking places off a list. It’s about collecting unforgettable stories to tell when encountering the unfamiliar and witnessing unexpected beauty in nature and people.

We design our own adventures

Each journey is 100% our way – a colorful mixture of adventure, relaxation and pure joy. We cherish the freedom to get lost in off-the-beaten-path spots and only join tours if absolutely necessary or adding value.

We seek authentic experiences​

We believe that a country is more than its overcrowded tourist hotspots. Thus, we prioritize experiences connecting us with local communities, opening our hearts and minds to their culture and ways of life. 

We learn the basic phrases in the local language

Believing in the power of kindness and respect, learning “hello”, “goodbye” and “thank you” is a must for us. Noticing how the faces light up as we try to pronounce the quirky words is a highlight of our trips. And, it has opened a few doors for us, too.

We experience each place through its flavors

For us, nothing compares to the pleasure of enjoying authentic, local dishes. Our stomachs of steel are a true blessing, being able to handle anything from spiciest curries to fried insects.

Work with Us

You are the reason that makes us write great travel content. There are a ton of travel blogs out there, but you’ve chosen ours among others. Let us know why and how we can inspire more people to travel together!