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In the past decade, Bali has emerged as a beloved vacation spot and a hub for digital nomads. With its tropical paradise vibes, budget-friendly prices, unhurried lifestyle, and genuinely joyful locals, the island effortlessly wins hearts. But there’s more. For those seeking a quieter escape, dive into breathtaking coral reefs and encounter Komodo dragons in the Komodo Islands, or visit ancient temples and search for the blue fire of Mount Ijen in Java.

Ubud Rice Fields
Mount Ijen

Best Places to Visit

Best Time to Visit

For an amazing trip to Indonesia, consider visiting during the dry season from May to September with lower humidity and less rainfall, ideal for outdoor activities and beach vacation.

Keep in mind that climates can vary across different regions, so have a look into our posts to find out the best travel time for a specific destination.

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Volcanic Wonders

Enjoy the most stunning sunrise over the active Mount Bromo volcano.

Quick Facts

This is Indonesia in a nutshell. Yet, this fascinating country is more than just facts. Dive into our guides for a deeper understanding of what truly defines Indonesia.



But it’s sinking 11 inches per year.


GMT+7 to +9

It’s between 10:45 and 12:45 at the moment.



Indonesia has over 700 languages.

Power Plug:

Type C and F

Two rounded pins.


Indonesian Rupiah

100.000 IDR equals 7 USD.

Dialing code:


Best SIMs: Indosat, Telkomsel

Bali Rhythms

Experience Bali through its dance of impressive hand gestures, colorful costumes and rhythmic footwork.

Know Before You Go

Curious about Indonesia before your trip? Let us answer the most common questions and have you packing with confidence.

Indonesia isn’t just another beach break. It’s a thousand isles, each having its own vibe and adventures. Hike the volcanos for most amazing sunrise, stroll through endless rice fields, surf world-class waves, dive with manta rays in the turquoise waters, or dive into ancient temples echoing with gamelan music. The diversity of experiences makes Indonesia a perfect destination, no matter if focusing on one of the islands or opting for island-hopping.

While Indonesia generally welcomes explorers with open arms, and tourist hotspots like Bali are mostly safe with normal precautions. Stay away of border zones with Papua New Guinea and Eastern Maluku due to heightened conflict and kidnapping risks. Also central Sulawesi requires extra caution for occasional unrest. Stay informed, trust your gut, and stick to populated areas after dark.

Indonesia is an incredibly affordable vacation destination.  Even in Bali, although more expensive than other islands, costs are lower than in many tourist spots, making it a backpacker’s paradise. Just avoid peak season and stick to local experiences for the best deals.

Have a look into our posts for detailed insights into estimated costs for specific destinations, helping you plan your journey more effectively.

Citizens of over 80 countries, including the US, UK, and the EU can obtain a visa on arrival or apply for e-visa prior to departure for 30 days. Visa requirements include a valid passport, proof of an onward/return ticket and a fee of 500,000 IRD.

To confirm your specific visa requirements and apply if needed, check the official Indonesia Department of Immigration website.

For a comprehensive experience covering Bali, Java, or Komodo Island, around three weeks is recommended. However, if you have a specific focus like culture, beaches, or wildlife, shorter 10-14 day visits can still be rewarding.



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