Ahoy, Fellow Traveler!

Welcome to our Travel Blog
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Ahoy, Fellow Traveler!

Welcome to our Travel Blog
Along Sandy Beaches - Travel Blog about two Digital Nomads traveling the World writing Travel Guides and Tips.
Sustainable Travel Tips - Airline that invests into Bio Fuels (Avianca, Colombia)

Once Around the World

We traveled the world, crossed continents and borders, explored countries and regions. Together we’ve been to over 50 countries. Which one will be yours?

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Sustainable Travel

Explore the world in a responsible way. Pack light, travel slow, stay local. Learn what it takes to travel sustainable,
The Lost City trek leading through jungle and rocky tracks

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Choose your next destination and let us inspire you.

Sri Lanka
Colca Canyon Guide (Hero)
Best things to do in Arequipa (hero)
Nazca Travel Guide: Nazca Lines (Humming Bird) (Hero)
Paracas National Reserve Guide - Hero Image
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Stories from our Diary

Leaving home and living like a nomad.
We said goodbye for a year and started writing our own travel story.

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Travel Tips

Crafting the perfect vacation takes a ton of time and effort. These are our tips to travel better, smarter and more sustainably.

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