Ready to discover the Costa Verde’s most stunning beaches?

Trindade, just a short drive from Paraty in Brazil, is a real beauty – a tiny village with dreamy beaches and lush rainforests on the hills. It’s perfect if you want to escape the city buzz and simply enjoy nature in tranquil atmosphere.

Our Trinidade Travel Guide helps you plan the visit to these paradise beaches. Read how to best get there, what to do, where to eat and where to stay should you want to stay for longer.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches

What to see and do in Trinidade, Brazil?

Trinidade is like a natural adventure park with many options when it comes to cool activities. Dive into the turquoise waters and big waves on its four beaches, explore the natural saltwater pools of Cachadaço, or let yourself be swallowed by a waterfall. It’s likely to be your most memorable beach experience in Brazil!

Trinidade tends to get busy on weekends and particularly during the Christmas holidays. For a more laid-back experience in peaceful surroundings, consider planning your visit on weekdays and avoiding peak seasons.

1. Praia do Rancho

Praia do Rancho is the main beach in the Trinidade village. Whereas offering the most restaurants and bars, expect it also to be crowded. We did not stop at this beach and headed to Praia do Meio right away.

2. Praia do Meio

Praia do Meio lies in the Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaiona and is about 5 minutes walk from Praia for Rancho. It has two lovely small bays with turquoise waters, big rocks and great waves to jump into. There are enough trees to find some shade under. Be aware that there are no restaurants on the beach, but a few vendors selling drinks.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Praia do Rancho)

3. Praia do Cachadaço

Praia do Cachadaco is another absolutely stunning beaches. Due to 15-20 minutes walk from the Praia do Rancho this one is perfect if you want to escape the crowds. Also, it has a few lovely beach restaurants perfect for having lunch or a few drinks.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Praia do Cachadaço)

4. Praia Brava

Praia Brava has been nominated as one the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The beach is known for its strong waves, so it is a popular destination for surfers.

Walking there from Praia do Rancho takes about 45 minutes along the coast. Alternatively, you can hop on a boat. The journey takes around 15-20 minutes and prices range from 20 “BRL” to 40 “BRL” per person.

Due to the beach being further away from other attractions in Trinidade, we decided to skip it. But if you look for a more tranquil beach day, we believe it’s absolutely worth the journey.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Praia Brava)

5. Natural Saltwater Pool

At the southern end of the Praia do Cachadaço is a unique natural pool, formed by big rocks. The pool is relatively small, but it’s deep enough for a good swim. The water is crystal clear (although we had some natural debris) and calm, a good break from the sometimes choppy waves of the main beach.

Just a heads up, when we visited during Christmas holidays, it got pretty crowded. Still, it’s a nice spot— maybe aim for an early morning visit for a more relaxed vibe.

To reach the natural pool you can walk about 30 minutes from the Praia do Meio. The road includes a bit climbing up and down on the rocks and tree roots, but it is nothing too challenging and totally fine to be completed with flip-flops. Alternatively, there are also boats bringing people to the natural pool and back. One way ticket from Praia do Meio costs 20 BRL (≈ 4 USD) and from Praia do Rancho 25 BRL (≈ 5 USD).

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Natural Saltwater Pool)
Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Natural Saltwater Pool)
Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Natural Saltwater Pool)

6. Pedra Que Engole

Pedra Que Engole translates to “swallowing rock”. At first we did not think much about the name, but once we saw the videos on Google Maps, we were shocked and excited at the same time. We do not want to spoil the surprise, so check out the place yourself. And once there – try it out. It is absolutely safe and only half so scary as it seems.

Pedra Que Engole is about 20 minute walk from Praia do Meio. To find the road leading there, head towards north from the second bay in Praia do Medio. There is a sign marking the start of the trek.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Pedra Que Engole)

How to get to Trinidade?

Trinidade is 25 km south of Paraty. Although it is only a small village, to our surprise, getting to Trinidade is much easier than we thought. You can just hop on one of the regular public buses, or alternatively join a guided tour or drive on your own.

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From Paraty to Trinidade by bus

There are regular buses (Colitur company) leaving from Paraty’s bus terminal to Trinidade every full hour between 6 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Just go to the platform 2 and buy the ticket from the bus driver. The one-way ticket costs 5 “BRL” per person and the journey is about 40-50 min.

TIP: During the high season expect lots of people to take the bus to Trinidade and back. To secure a place (most probably only standing) we recommend either taking one of the very early buses at 7 or 8 a.m., or be at the bus terminal at least 30-40 minutes before the departure. Also to get back to Paraty, we recommend to be at the bus stop about 30-40 minutes before the bus leaves.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (From Paraty to Trinidade by bus)

From Paraty to Trinidade with a tour

There are several day tours leaving from Paraty to Trinidade. Whereas it is a more convenient option than going by bus, the 6-hour also means less time, flexibility and freedom in exploring and enjoying the stunning beaches. The costs for the tour, including transportation, guide and snorkeling equipment is about 30-40 USD. You will have to bring or buy your own lunch.

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From Paraty to Trinidade by car

To drive from Paraty to Trindade, start by taking the BR-101 highway south and follow signs for Trinidade. There are many designated public and private parking areas in Trinidade. However, be aware that Trindade is a small village, and parking may be limited, especially during peak times. Thus, consider arriving early to secure a spot. Expect to pay from 30 “BRL” to 50 “BRL” for a day.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (From Paraty to Trinidade by car)

Where to stay in Trinidade?

Despite being a small village, Trinidade provides various accommodation options. You’ll find several guesthouses as well as campgrounds for your stay.

Where to eat in Trinidade?

Trinidade has a variety of great restaurants. If you’re up for beachside dining, Praia do Rancho has some fantastic strand bars, and also Cachadaço beach is a wonderful spot for lunch or dinner by the sea.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Where to eat in Trinidade)
Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches (Where to eat in Trinidade)

When is the best time to visit Trinidade?

The hot, sunny summer days are ideal for exploring the paradisiacal beaches in the area. However, during this time of the year, and especially over the Christmas holidays, it tends to get very busy.

Therefore, if you are looking for some more tranquil relaxing time, we recommend to plan your visit for the shoulder seasons (September and October; April and May). During these months, you can enjoy great weather still while potentially encountering fewer crowds, allowing you to enjoy the charm of Paraty with a bit more tranquility.

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What does it cost to visit Trinidade?

In case you only visit Trinidade as a day trip from Paraty, hopping on a bus and bringing your own drinks and food, it won’t cost you more than 10 “BRL”! If you plan to stay longer, plan with xxx to xx per day.

Is Trinidade safe to visit?

Trinidade is a small and very touristy village having a peaceful atmosphere. Still, its always best to take some precautions.

We recommend to leave valuables like jewelry, credit cards, and passports in your hotel safe. Bring only essentials and a small amount of cash to the beach. When sunbathing or swimming, keep an eye on your belongings. And even better, consider using a water-proof phone case or a dry bag to have your valuables with you, even if going into the water.

Another thing we want to warn about are the rip currents on some beaches, big waves and strong currents. Look out for signs, follow lifeguards’ instructions and keep an eye on your children.

Trinidade Travel Guide - Explore Brazils Best Beaches

How many days to stay in Trinidade?

Trinidade is perfect for a day trip from Paraty. Plan about 6-8 hours for your visit.

If you wish to enjoy the incredible beaches for a longer duration, we absolutely recommend staying for 2-3 days to soak in the tropical vibes and also explore some of the more distant beaches like Praia do Sono or Praia de Antigos which are only accessible by boat.

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Is it worth visiting Trinidade in Brazil?

Trinidade boasts not only some of the finest beaches on the Costa Verde but likely in all of Brazil. You’re surrounded by rainforest-clad mountains, miles-long sandy bays and turquoise waters. We’d say this place quickly became one of our top favorites.

It’s not just about relaxing at stunning beaches – the joy lies in hiking the trails leading to all different kinds of praias (beaches), swimming in the unique natural saltwater pool, and chasing waterfalls.